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Referral Program

Be an Ambassador

Rose Rey is rewarding those who love our products. We're looking for influencers to be Brand Ambassadors and will pay cash for each referral.

How it works

Love our products and
setup a referral account.

Share a 35% coupon
code with your friends.

Earn 5% cash commission
on all your friend's purchases.

What do I need to be an ambassador?

  1. Enter your email address below to get your own referral link.
  2. Send your friends your unique referral link which will give them an offer code for 35% off their first purchase. We'll keep track of how many sales you make! You'll get an automatic email every time you make a sale.
  3. Once your friend uses this unique referral link and offer code to make a purchase with us, we will give you 5% cash commission. That's a cash payment, not a coupon. Yeehaw!

Please note, the rewards are only appliable when referring a new customer to Rose Rey, and not an existing customer.

Please see our T&C's for further details of this program

Note: all sales made through referrals are subject to review. If a sale is fraudulent or refunded, commissions will not be paid. Commissions are paid 30 days out from the point of sale.

You may NOT promote your referral link on our Instagram posts. Any comment doing so will be deleted and you will be removed from our ambassador program immediately.

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